6 foods for purifying the liver

The liver is the second largest organ in the human body. Thanks to the liver function, many functions are performed including: normal metabolic processes, defense of the body, detoxification of blood, storage of substances, elimination of toxins from the body, etc.

Given that the liver performs a number of functions that are vital to the human body, it is necessary to preserve its health. Proper nutrition can improve liver function and allow for the smooth development of biochemical processes.

Find out what groceries are “guarding” the health of the liver.


The apple is one of the best fruits for detoxification of the body. Using the ingredients contained in the apple, especially pectin, the liver is a great deal of toxins that need to be eliminated from the body.

Additionally, the apple contains malic acid, which also helps remove toxins and carcinogens from the blood.

You can consume any kind of apples, best fresh in a fruit salad or as a fresh squeezed juice.


Omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids purify the liver and improve its function. These ingredients are abundant in walnuts, so be sure to include them in your daily menu.


The beetroot is rich in flavonoids and beta carotene, ingredients that improve the function and promote liver health. In addition, the beetroot helps to purify the blood and eliminate toxins from the body.

It is advised daily consumption of beets, best fresh in the salad or as freshly squeezed juice.


Due to the abundance of antioxidants, vitamins and folic acid, the broccoli are excellent for detoxification not only of the liver but also of the entire organism. In addition, this vegetable contains isothiocyanate, a substance that helps release from cancerous substances in the body.

It is advised that broccoli be consumed daily, fresh or steamed.


Garlic is rich in sulfur, allicin and selenium, ingredients that help the liver in the elimination of harmful substances from the body.

Selenium helps in natural detoxification, alicin combats harmful agents, and sulfur improves enzyme performance. Therefore, regular consumption of garlic is recommended.


Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, which help for natural detoxification of the liver. The ingredients found in lemon, orange, citron and other citrus fruits allow the elimination of toxic substances by helping the liver to transform toxins into soluble substances.

Therefore, consume citrus fruits daily, raw or freshly squeezed, especially in the morning for maximum effect.

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