Food for healthy teeth and a brilliant smile

Who does not want healthy and white teeth like pearls? The glittering smile instantly attracts and is a signal for good oral health.

Regular dentist visits and dental washing are essential for dental health, but consumed food plays a major role in maintaining dental hygiene. While some types of food destroys teeth or stains, others brush their teeth, kill bacteria in the oral cavity, and protect against dental caries.

Here are the products of the kitchen are the best friends of your smile:

Milk, yogurt, cheese and cheese

Milk products are excellent food for bones and teeth. Milk and yogurt are rich in calcium and phosphorus, minerals that prevent the process of demineralization (decomposition of tooth enamel). Yogurt also reduces the presence of bad bacteria in the mouth.

Want to protect your teeth from cavities? Cut a piece of cheese after a meal. The cheese protects the enamel of the teeth and stabilizes the pH value in the mouth. While you eat cheese, there is more sputum in the mouth that cleans the bacteria that cause caries and diseases of the gums.

Tip: Whenever you drink wine or beer, the cheeses cheese to neutralize the acids that damage the outer protective layer of the teeth.

Fish and flaxseed

A huge threat to healthy teeth is gum disease. The good news is that food rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as fish and flaxseed, helps protect against inflammation and gum diseases.

The fish is a good source of vitamin D, which is crucial for oral health, because it allows the body to absorb calcium more easily.

Carrots and sweet potatoes

Orange vegetables such as carrots and sweet potatoes are rich in beta carotene (vitamin A), which helps to form healthy bones, teeth and gums.

Chickenpox additionally stimulates saliva laceration, which is a great way to wash bacteria and acids.

Dark chocolate (cocoa)

How small they taught us that chocolate is harmful to teeth. And that’s not far from the truth, but only when it comes to ordinary milk chocolates that are full of sugars.

On the other hand, dark chocolate contains 70% cocoa improves teeth health, because cocoa contains substances that reduce inflammation and protect against erosion and cavities.

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