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Ginger is a root plant originating from Southeast Asia. Its use prescribes an enormous number of health benefits, and has spread rapidly throughout the world, and to this day, the benefits of its consumption have not ceased to be highlighted. Due to its wide application on the market is available in variety of forms such as fresh, dried, ginger powder or in the form of oil.

Due to the specific aroma and intense racy taste, the application of ginger as fresh is relatively limited (but most strongly recommended). Much more use is found in ginger powder, which is commonly used for the preparation of various drinks and teas.

Ginger mitigates bloating in the intestines and gases, improves intestinal absorption of food and regulates appetite. It stimulates the renewal of the intestinal flora, which affects the regulation of the stool (constipation and diarrhea). With regular use, ginger regulates digestion, helps to soothe abdominal pain and vomiting, especially in pregnant women. The latest research suggests that ginger inhibits the growth of tumor cells in colon cancer.

Due to its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, ginger affects the improvement of the immune system and is a good ally in the fight against allergies. The regular use of ginger in the season of colds and flu prevents the occurrence of these diseases, relieves symptoms and prevents complications.

Ginger tea is thought to increase fertility in men, that is, the number and motility of spermatozoa and has a positive impact on erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, tea from ginger is effective for reducing menstrual pain and symptoms of PMS.

Powerful ginger shows its effectiveness in improving the mental health, it reduces stress, helps with migraine pain and headaches of another etiology (improves circulation), and is considered a natural stimulant for the person by increasing strength and energy during the day. Certain studies have shown that the regular use of ginger tea improves the overall function of the brain while increasing concentration and memory.

Special notes:

When buying ginger, make sure that you buy a fresh product. The young and fresh ginger has a much better taste, and at the same time the health benefits of it are much larger.

Be especially careful with ginger tea if you have a problem with low blood pressure, gallstones, or receive anticoagulant therapy.

Despite the large number of health benefits, it is recommended to limit the use of ginger tea to a maximum of two cups per day.

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