Weight loss is something that almost every person has tried it in some period of his life. The first thing that comes on our mind is to do a diet. Some of them will succeed the most of them won’t. No one has until now done research on the amount of failed and unsuccessful diets – generally all attempts end up with a short-term loss of pounds, and in a few months, the calories are returned again and deposited on the body. Here we have the most famous and proved diets that work and guarantee that you will lose those extra pounds that bother you.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a type of vinegar made from apples, which has a deep amber colour. Unpasturised versions of the vinegar have a cloudy appearacnce, and are thought to have a number of health benefits. The ingredient was originally used to make salad dressing and chutney, but recently other properties have been discovered. Apple cider vinegar is made by squeezing the liquid from apples, which is then infused with yeast to ferment and created an alcohol. It then goes through a second fermenting stage, which mades acetic acid and forms the liquid into a vinegar.

There are various ways to take the vinegar, but some are more appetising than others.

Taking the drink before every meal is the most effective way to do it, and the more hardcore dieters might take a teaspoon neat. However, you can dilute the cider in various substances.

Many dilute two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. If the flavour is too unpleasant then it is possible to add a natural sweeter to the drink, and have it with warm water like a tea. Raw honey serves a natural sweeter, as does Stevia or maple syrup. Experts, however, have specifically warned about one very important aspect of taking the cider. Don’t expect sudden changes, as this method will take a while to work. It is important to take the drink over a long period to time to reap the weight loss benefits of the drink. Experst say that you need to take apple cider vinegar for at least three months to see a difference.

Plant-Based Smoothie

Plant-Based Smoothie is a protein-enriched drink that lends you a monster dose of belly-busting nutrition in a simple yet delicious snack. But most commercial drinks are filled with unpronounceable chemicals that can upset our gut health and cause inflammation and bloat. Not to mention, the high doses of whey used to boost protein levels can amplify the belly-bloating effect. Try vegan protein, which will give you the same fat-burning, hunger-squelching, muscle-building benefits, without the bloat. Lose weight in less than 30 seconds.

Green tea

Green tea can help you lose weight. Several studies have suggested that the flavonoids and caffeine in green tea can help elevate metabolic rate, increase fat oxidation and even improve insulin activity. One study showed that those who consumed green tea and caffeine lost an average of 2.9 pounds during a 12-week period, while sticking to their regular diet. Another study suggested the increase in calorie output was equal to about 100 calories over a 24-hour period. While weight loss benefits vary based on different dynamics, they have been found by drinking as little as 2.5 cups of green tea per day.

Black tea

Black tea

Black tea is also considered as one of the best ways for losing weight. The benefits of black tea are well documented, a recent study has suggested that black tea not only promotes weight loss but also has other health benefits by changing bacteria in the gut. The study found that both black and green tea changed the ratio of intestinal bacteria in animals: The percentage of bacteria associated with obesity decreased, while bacteria associated with lean body mass increased.

The new findings showed that black tea polyphenols, which are too large to be absorbed in the small intestine, stimulate the growth of gut bacterium and the formation of short-chain fatty acids, a type of bacterial metabolites that has been shown to alter the energy metabolism in the liver.


The Lemonade aid diet has been increasingly marketed in diet programs as an aide to weight loss. In particular, the Lemonade Diet, also known as the Master Cleanse, is a popular weight-loss program first developed by Stanley Burroughs in the 1940s. Lemonade is claimed to help detox the body by getting rid of accumulated toxins and waste products from poor dietary habits and environmental chemicals.

The Lemonade Diet is a detox program that involves drinking a specially prepared cocktail for fast and effective weight-loss. The cocktail includes the combination of water with 10 oz. of fresh lemon juice, a tbsp. of maple syrup and cayenne peppers. The diet is meant to be followed for a 10- to 14-day period, during which time devotees drink six to eight glasses of the lemonade water daily in addition to water and herbal tea with laxatives. It is believed that the lemonade drink helps to flush the body of waste products, allowing the organs time to rest and repair and decrease food cravings.

Dark Chocolate Shake

Dark Chocolate Shake has proven itself as a successful way for losing those extra pound from your body.

Really? Yes, really. Chocolate—especially dark chocolate—helps you slim you down because it decreases appetite and lessens food cravings overall. However, at nearly 400 calories, this shake is more of a meal than a snack.

1/2 cup skim or soy milk, 6 oz (80-calorie) vanilla yogurt, 1/4 cup dark chocolate chips, and 1 cup fresh raspberries plus a handful of ice OR 1 cup frozen raspberries in a blender. Blend for 1 minute, transfer to a glass, or eat with a spoon (387 calories).

Slim Down Detox Water

Slim Down Detox Water is a cucumber detox water that is an ideal starting point for all dieters. The diuretic properties guarantee that all moisture will be rapidly flushed from the system. Tart grapefruit delivers a revitalizing rush of flavor, and the fruit is packed with fat-burning enzymes. All of the citrus contained within this refreshing beverage is designed to heal the internal digestive tract. Mint leaves briskly finalize the drinks ability to easy any tummys woes while losing weight fast. This tasty brew only takes ten minutes to prepare, and it yields 8 potently cleansing servings. All ingredients are simply combined 2 hours before consumption.

Lemon and Mint Detox Water

Lemon and Mint Detox Water has reached a zenith with this thirst-quenching diet recipe. For those that love sugary drinks, this tasty blend can permanently replace sodas and fruit juices. Lemon and Mint Detox Water

The mint is uniquely calming for all possible tummy woes; simultaneously, the lemons provide the maximum amount of internal cleansing. This vibrant potion will even appeal to those who don’t typically consume water on its own. The tingling refreshment is hard to surpass on any scale. Huge quantities of advantageous electrolytes are naturally embedded in the citrus fluids, and the chilly mint undertones in this recipe will cool off the entire beverage.
Ingredients: 6 cups water 2 lemons, thinly sliced sprigs of mint ice.
Preparation: Combine all ingredients in a pitcher and put in the fridge for two hours to allow the water to infuse. You can also squeeze in the juice of one lemon to intensify flavor a bit. It is recommended to be served cold.

Weight losing pills how they work and how they will help you loose weight.

The appeal of losing weight quickly is hard to resist. But do weight-loss pills and products lighten anything but your wallet? And are they a safe option for weight loss? Here’s a look at some over-the-counter weight-loss pills and what they will and won’t do for you. Weight-loss pills — prescription medicines, nonprescription drugs, herbal medicines or other dietary supplements — are all, at best, tools that may help with weight loss. But there is relatively little research about these products, and the best studied of these are prescription weight-loss drugs. For example, a 2014 study reviewed 21 long-term trials of prescription drugs for treating obesity. The researchers concluded that when a person makes appropriate lifestyle changes, a prescription weight-loss drug increases the likelihood of achieving “clinically meaningful” weight loss within a year.

Clinically meaningful weight loss — enough weight loss to begin lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other diseases — is generally defined as 5 percent or more of body weight.

It’s important to consider, however, that weight loss achieved in a research setting may be greater than in actual practice. Also, possible side effects and adverse reactions to weight-loss pills can affect the treatment outcome.

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