5 Organs where Alcohol has influence in Our Body

Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to all human organs. But the damage that it does to some big and vital organs simply can not be overlooked. Today I will present to you the five major organs in the human body that alcohol quickly destroys.

All of us who are studying recent studies in improving the work of the heart and blood vessels as the number one cause of death in the world, we often want to write about how healthy it is to drink a glass of wine a day, to improve circulation and cardiac work. But what happens when a glass is turned into a bottle? The effects will literally become the opposite … Frequent consumption of large amounts of alcohol threatens the circulation of the arteries that supply the heart to the blood, thus after a certain period of time they also cause a weakening of the entire heart muscle. The ultimate condition to call is a well-known alcoholic cardiomegaly. People who get this condition begin to develop symptoms of cardiac failure quickly, such as shortness of breath, coughing, arrhythmia, hepatomegaly, and eventually a heart attack. In cardiomegaly, we must emphasize that the risk of sudden cardiac death has been increased multiple times, which is the main cause of death in people who have received this complication due to increased alcohol consumption.


The very reason we consume alcohol is its effect on the brain. Although we consume it because it causes euphoria, good mood and relaxation, frequent consumption in larger quantities begins to distort the function of the entire brain. Starting from the removing neurotransmitters in the brain, ethanol contained in alcoholic beverages disturbs most brain functions, which over time can irreversibly damage the brain. Permanent complications of excessive alcohol consumption on the brain are: Depression, memory disorder, disorder, behavior, and similar conditions. Soon the risk of stroke is also increased severalfold.


The liver is the most rapidly damaged organ because of alcohol consumption. The liver is the one who suffers from the punishment for your excessive alcohol consumption. In fact, he is the organ that needs to deal with the clutter you have made in the body over excessive alcohol use. Only as an indicator we will list a few US statistics that we have, and believe that Europe does not differ much. According to statistics, more than 2 million people in the US alone suffer from alcoholic cirrhosis, and cirrhosis caused by excessive alcohol consumption is the 12th cause of death in the world, which is really high. Also an alarming statistical data is that in the world, every third liver transplantation is caused by alcoholic cirrhosis.


The pancreas is not as well known among people as the target organ of alcohol, but alcohol can seriously “confuse” exocrine secretion of the pancreas, and often cause its self-diagnosis. The acute disorder of the secretion of digestive enzymes from the pancreas can lead to a condition known as acute pancreatitis a condition that is highly urgent and has a high mortality rate.


Immediately after the liver, the kidneys are the second most commonly targeted organ of alcohol, especially in association with liver disorders. This can cause an absolute disruption of the amount of water and electrolytes in the body, cause an increase in blood pressure and damage, and sometimes complete renal failure. According to some statistics, excessive alcohol consumption is one of the leading causes of renal function loss. In this condition, the only solution is dialysis or kidney transplantation, which is extremely difficult and severe health condition.


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